Gold Shares - Gold Mining Shares

Gold shares are the shares of gold mining companies, companies that explore for and produce gold. Even though many brainwashed individuals in the finance industry think of gold as commodity, gold is still money for sane people as it has been for several millennia. Gold is the ultimate storage of wealth, which cannot be destroyed by inflation like fiat money. Many speculators think of gold as an investment vehicle, however if you want to have leverage over rising gold price, there's no better way than to buy gold equities. Rising gold price, improves the profits made by precious metals mining companies, resulting in much higher share price.

Gold stocks can be loosely categorized in the following 3 categories - top-tier gold producers (usually producing over a million gold troy ounces per year), mid-tier gold producers (producing between 200,000 and a million gold troy ounces per year) or junior gold producers/explorers (less than 200,000 gold troy ounces per year). Companies like Goldcorp, Barrick Gold, Harmony Gold and Randgold Resources fall in the top-tier.

Gold mining shares can be very volatile, reflecting the volatility in the price of gold, however because gold performs well in both inflation and deflation, gold stocks can give you an investment edge over the crowd.

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